Friday, May 5, 2023

Announcement: Furry Fashion's Anniversary

 One noted store, especially among Second Life furries, is having it's anniversary event this weekend. Furry Fashion is turning 16, and it's quite a celebration. Saturday will have eight hours of partying.
Saturday 2pm Blue and Purple with DJ Minty

Saturday 4pm CAYA with DJ Sheba

Saturday 6pm Ferals with DJ Marie

Saturday 8pm Sci-Fi (DJ TBA)
The events take place at the Furry Fashion Lounge at:

This isn't the only thing going on for Furry Fashion's anniversary. There's also a birthday hunt going on.
 Got milk?! Well if you haven't you need to scoot over to the FF Main Store & Mall Parcel where 30+ Milk Cartons have been hidden stuffed with prizes! You might find some hidden by mall merchants too... and watch out for decoys! You have till sunday night... GOOD LUCK!!! 

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