Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Fantasy Faire Sims Fade Away

 While the Fantasy Faire officiallly ended on Sunday May 7, the sims remained open one more day, Monday May 8. Another day to shop. One more day to finish the Fairelands Quest and the smaller quests. And one more day to explore the sims. In the Sambeaubee sim however, there was a semi-official event, "The Final Ravedown." 

 No events today, just peaceful coexistence in harmony and happiness and hanging out in the Fairelands, perhaps a bit of yoga and some tea and- HOW DID THAT GET HERE, HIDE IT BEFORE SOMEONE SEES!
 DJ Nancy (Madonna Milena) was among those playing music at the Ravedown, which had over 120 packing the sim when I dropped by. Supposedly it lasted for a total of ten hours before the crowd finally dispersed.

The Ravedown wasn't the only interesting thing that day. Charlee Amethyst and I would run across our share of interesting people and sights.

Sadly, this year there would be only one day after the official ending to enjoy the sims. Some time after Midnight SL time, the sims closed to the public, becoming inaccessible to most.

The Fairelands are now closed and preparing for their return to the Mists. Thank you all for being a part of the 15th Age of the Faire! We laughed, cried, and loved. We shopped, adventured, and partied. We restored the heart of Nova Nadiya and rejoiced as the Children of Stories defeated the Witch and broke the Shadow Curse. We also raised our 15 year Faire total in support of the global programs of the American Cancer Society to over 750,000usd! Congratulations to you all!

And so, the Fantasy Faire of 2023 is truly over, having raised 29,884,100 Linden dollars  or $119,536 USD. But there are the numerous pictures taken, such as those in the Faire's Flicker page ( But there are also the happy memories of people. 

But for the Relay fundraising season, this isn't the end. The three-day Relaystock music Festival starts tomorrow. There are other events this month. And of course there is the Relay Weekend next month.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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