Thursday, May 18, 2023

Press Release: Cultural Diversity Day



Essentially, cultural diversity is about bringing people together from a diverse set of backgrounds and cultures, then creating an environment that not only recognizes the differences between those cultures and backgrounds, but celebrates them. It helps create a space for people to be authentically themselves.

International Cultural Diversity Day is a day set aside annually to celebrate and appreciate the different cultures and backgrounds of people all over the World.  Everyone should be respected and included no matter where you're from, the language you speak, what your beliefs are, the color of your skin, your age, your disabilities or gender.

SecondLife is a platform made up of people from many different cultures, traditions and beliefs so for us, this day will be a time to recognize the beauty of our uniqueness from within our continents, to mainland and even to the grid in general.

Crowne Heights Community is a community themed in the 1950s. Our diversity event will be held in the streets of that location. We invite and encourage all backgrounds of people to come and explore, visit and celebrate with us.  We will hold social events and gatherings throughout the year to help bring people together to celebrate as one.

For more information on Crowne Heights Community, visit us at 

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