Sunday, May 21, 2023

From Fairelands Chat: The Late Passenger

It has been weeks since the mysts reclaimed the Fairelands. We have found a new passenger lost in the  aether. After taking her aboard, We got her steeled and comfortable. "I missed the Faire, I tried but it was too late."  The poor dear is on the verge of tears. 
I sit with her "You may have missed the Faire, however not the FaireLanders. Come here, there are wonderful places and events that we shall travel to. The people are still here and you will meet them."I look at the bundled girl and smile. "Care for a waffle?" She looks around and sees the waffle tree and giggles. 
Fantasy Faire Radio still plays from the ship's radio. "Is that the sound of the f-Fairelands?" I nod. "It's beautiful....." We set sail to meet other Fairelanders and an event so the young one can see that Hope does live. People do care. She is  not alone. 

Pookie Wolfsong (Helixer Resident)

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