Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Raglan Shire Artwalk

In the Raglan Shire community lands their annual Artwalk is taking place. Over much of the area, numerous artworks are up for display. The bulk of it is on the hedgerows in the Raglan Shire sim, much of it on the tree platforms, which the locals sometimes call "art on a hedge." In Morning, Heron, and Athen Shire are some sculptures and other 3D artworks. 
Much, if not most, of the paintings one can buy a copy of. Many of the works are from artists who make their home in the Shire, but there are a number from other places in Second Life as the event has been open to all artists.

Due to the General-Audience rating of the sims, there is no adult artwork available for display. But there is humor, fitting in with the often whimsical-nature of events that the Raglan tinies like to show. At one place, I found an "Art-O-Matic 3000" which when sat on will do a "painting" of your profile picture as you watch. But that last step is a doosy.
The Artwalk started earlier this month, on Sunday May 14, and it will go on until Sunday June 18.
To get to Art Area 1, head to Raglan Shire (80/144/58). There are teleports to other art display areas, but feel free to walk around.

Bixyl Shuftan

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