Wednesday, May 31, 2023

SL20B Update

 It's less than a month until the Second Life Twentieth Birthday celebrations. On the map, a search for sims with SLB in their name turned up this collection of regions, far south of the main group of the Grod's sims.

There was no one single landmass of SLB sims, but they were in several groups, the largest sixteen in size. While there will be a separate area for the adult-rated sims, there were none that I saw which had that rating. And the SL19B symbol was still on the map. So clearly, more work on the sims is forthcoming.
As for the exhibitors, on May 26, those still in the Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group from last year, at least those who were still there, got the following message from Missy Mole:
If you are still in this group then you have applied and been accepted to build an exhibit for SL20B. Congratulations! We are just about finished setting up the regions for you to come in and start building. Information about your parcel size and location will follow over the weekend. It is safe to say that 99% of you received the parcel size you requested.
But unlike most years, setting up the exhibits will not be happening in May. On May 30, Missy Mole had another message.

... I almost have the parcels all assigned for those of you that filled in the acceptance form. I was hoping to have the regions open today but I am going to say we will be open by June 1 now. I know people are very anxious to get onto the regions and start building but you will still have two full weeks to finish the exhibits. I'm sorry for the delays but hopefully everything will be perfect when you get onto your parcels 

Stay tuned for more information

Bixyl Shuftan

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