Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Fantasy Faire's "Children of Stories" Roleplay Finalle


 Of of the activities in the Fantasy Faire is the Children's Roleplay, done by the "Children of Stories." This year marks the tenth such roleplay, and the one for 2023 incorporated characters from the previous nine, "The Children of Stories And The Secrets of Flambois." Characters from the nine groups found lanterns that requested their help, summoning them to the Fairlands Academy of Magic, at Flambois. Some of the children were eager to accept the invitation to enroll. Others were hesitant, wondering if there was something not so innocent going on. And over the next several days were a series of roleplay sessions, in which the story came about, gradually revealing what was going on and what was needed to do about it. There was a witch up to no good, and it turned out she had the help of some dark entity, the details which can be revealed on the Daily Update page (here).
On Sunday April 30, the finale of the roleplay took place in the Fairlands Junction sim. The characters were ready to confront the evil witch and get rid of her once and for all, "Lets do this!" "... for we have all been touched by the Unweaver .. we will show him what for!!" "Be prepared though, once we have the witch trapped here, there is no telling what will happen!" "Ready your spells children!!!"
The event was turned into a party with DJ Madonna playing the music. Over time, tens of thousands of Linden dollars were donated, some people offering to match large amounts, "I will match the first 5,000L donation made." There were also avatars of all shapes and sizes, some getting comments, "OMG those tiny kitten wearing mushrooms outfits are the CUTEST THING ever seen!!!" And there were comments about the event, "watches that kiosk jump, cause this is the power of the children!! NOTHING CAN STOP THEM!!!!"

 Loki Eliot would post a video of the confrontation with the witch, and the greater dark force revealed. At the very end, there was an unexpected surprise.
The total amount raised that day exceeded 500,000 Linden dollars.

Go Relay! 

Bixyl Shuftan

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