Monday, May 8, 2023

Veterans Benefit Concert Raises Over 110,000 L

On Wednesday May 3, Veterans Isle would hold it's monthly benefit concert for Homes Four Our Troops. Organized in part by Frets Nirvana, with Bri McMahon helping out, it would be held in a building far above the sim. The event took place from 4 to 9 PM.

The event would start at 4 with Jack Friller DJing some tunes. At 5 PM, Wes West and Grace Loudon would take to the stage dual streaming. 6PM was Maven's turn to sing to the audience. At 7PM, Melodee McDonell was singing. Last but not least was Franklee Anatra at 8PM. 
As the performers did their music, the audience would donate to two house-shaped kiosks on either side of the stage. Occasionally Frets would challenge them to dig a little deeper into their pockets, offering to chip in an amount if they did, "So folks, we are now at the 75k mark, with 30 minutes to go, let's hit 90k!  We do that and I will put in another 5k. ... 7k to 105, and I will put in another 5k."
"Folks ...think about this.  A 1k donation is 'quivalent to about $4 in real-life. What do you spend $4 on?  Or for that matter 1k in Second Life?  If everyone here donated 1k now, we (would) hit that 90k easy, and I would put in 5k, .a 30% return on your $$! ... Folks, you know we could not be sitting here enjoying Franklee's great talent without the freedom we have, and the sacrifices our Extremely Injured Veterans are why we have that freedom." 
People would be reminded what the charity Homes For Our Troops does, "Think about this regarding the veterans who receive a home from HFOT folks.  Once an HFOT veteran  regains his or her freedom within their new home, many home recipients, and their caregivers/spouses, have the time to pursue an education or trade. The number of Veterans who have obtained or are pursuing a degree or trade certification increased from 18 percent to 72 percent after receiving their specially adapted custom homes. ... When you make a donation to HFOT, you are making an investment that gives returns." 
Some in the crowd had other reasons for donating, "My Dad is a Marine Colnel went to Vietnam and my daugher is a Marine sergeant." "hank you Bri. and thank you for your Service. That goes for all our Vets. Love you guys and gals."

There were a few minor mishaps. At one point, someone was going "OOOOOOOOOOO..." a lot. Then it stopped and he apologized, "Sorry, headset was on keyboard."

At the end of the last singer's performance, a total of 111,300 Linden dollars had been raised.

"Thank you ... What a wonderful set."

Bixyl Shuftan

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