Monday, May 1, 2023

EOTB: Four New Merfolk-Inspired Last Names


 On Friday April 28, Linden Lab announced four new last names for the month of May. What's different this time is that they're aimed at Second Life's merfolk community "for MerMay."

Today we are celebrating our mermaid community during MerMay with the release of the following mermaid-themed names, only available for a limited time:

"Seafarer" would be appropriate for boating and ship fans. "Fishtail" I can see for someone who goes about in an anthro shark avatar as well. "Mermaid" and the less commonly known "Merrow," they'd likely be found just among the Merfolk.
For those interested in finding out more about Second Life's merfolk, one good place to do so would be the Safe Waters Foundation, which as a center at Union Passage (201/218/2). One can also look up more information at their website at

For the blog post, Click Here.

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