Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Fantasy Faire Winds Down

 After over two weeks, it's almost time for the Fantasy Faire to come to a close. Today and tomorrow, Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7 are the last official days. There's one last jail and bail, the closing of the silent auction, the Film Fest Waffles awards, and the last of the scheduled events at the Fairchilde.

Ans of course there's a chance to explore the 22 sims, from WooHoo Bay, to Sialdor, to Giggenwhirl and many others, all well-designed with many places to explore.

One sim, the Isles of Aquarius, sponsored by the Safe Waters Foundation, had some underwater scenery as well to check out.

And there's still time to do the Fairelands Quest. For those who finished part one early, part two has been up and running for a few days. The last part takes place in Nova Nadyia, where you search on how to unlock the sim's ability to heal. One suggestion for those who get to the final challenge, check you inventory, and a white book can age to look yellow.

That's it for now from the Faire, enjoy it while it lasts

Bixyl Shuftan


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