Tuesday, May 9, 2023

RFL Sunbeamers, Roos With A Dream, Teams Level Up After Medieval Fun Faire

On Saturday May 6, the Relay for Life teams Sunbeamers and Roos With A Dream held the Medieval Fun Faire at Caledon Downs. There were numerous activities from axe throwing to archery to racing. The high point was the concert at the end with DJ Kayla and the Roos.

While the event had somewhat light attendance, it did raise quite a bit of cash, thanks in part to some remote donations. A total of 170,826 Linden dollars was raised between the two teams, the Sunbeamers making 94,198 L and the Roos With A Dream getting 76,628 Lindens. This bumped the Sunnies to over 750K, and making Sapphire rank, and the Roos past a half million and into Jade. As of now on the team totals page (leaving out the Sci-Fi con), the Sunbeamers are number nine of 173 teams, and the Roos number 15.

For more on the Faire, go to Events.
Update: There were minor errors in the article earlier, which have since been corrected. 

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