Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Sunbeamer "Bid Me" Update: "Bid Me Otter" and "Bid Me Purple"

The Relay for Life Team Sunbeamers has had some good successes. With the Air Show and Medieval Fun Fest events, done with Roos With A Dream, the team was catapulted to Sapphire rank fundraising. But helping the team were the "Bid Me" events going on. On Saturday May 6, three were concluded, the "Bid Me Bunny," "Bid Me Panda," and "Bid Me Skunk" events.

Here are the totals for the three BIDD MES that ended tonight.
LISKA - Stay Fox -  100L
             Go Skunk -= 14,100L
 Liska goes SKUNK for 3 WEEKS
 BIXYL - Stay Fox - 50L
             Go Bunny - 14,100L
Bixyl goes Bunny for 4 weeks

CHARLEE - Stay Human - 500L
                   Go Panda - 12,000L
CHARLEE goes Panda for 6 weeks

So this means that yours truly, when not doing obvious Newser work or at special appearances like the upcoming Newser anniversary party, will be dealing with carrot jokes for about a month. Usually it will me in the mesh bunny that Charlee helped me make after the Bid Me started. Charlee will have to deal with comments about Pandaren jokes and flirts for a month and a half. For Liska, she's showing a little creativity in her new skunk form, dressing up like Luskwood founder Michi Lumin.

But as most Relayers "otter" know, this is not the end of the Bid Me events. There's a couple more. They are Skylark "Snowy" Lefavre's "Bid Me Otter," and Mattie Carlton's "Bid Me Purple." 
Like most other Bid Me fundraisers, Bid Me Otter has two kiosks. For those wanting to give Snowy a taste for fish, they donate to the otter kiosk on the right. For those wanting her to stay a bunny, they chip in to the default kiosk on the left. For every 3500 Linden dollars, rounded down, in the right kiosks at the end of the fundraiser, Snowy is stuck as a "rudderbutt" for a week. For instance, if 6999 L is raised at the end, she would need to stay in her new form for a week. If 7000 Lindens are raised, It's "otter chaos" for her for two weeks. And if more is raised in the "stay bunny" kiosk, she stays one.

For Mattie's "Bid Me Purple," the idea came to her as she was going about the shops at the Fairelands recently, some of the items going to make a fairy-winged purple kitsune, "It's a 100% unique avatar built for Relay for Life. And all of it was pretty much purchased at fantasy Fair." Like Snowy's Bid Me, there's a change kiosk on the right, and a default kiosk on the left. For every 2000 Linden dollars raised in the purple kiosk, rounded down, Mattie assumes the form of her violet nine-tailed fox for a week. That is, if the amount there is greater than the default kiosk.

Both Bid Me fundraisers are at Club Cutlass. Snowy's event ends on Saturday May 20 at 8PM following the close of the party there. Mattie's event ends on  Saturday May 27, also at 8PM.

Go Sunbeamers! Go Relay

Bixyl Shuftan

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