Monday, August 23, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered? The Kids of Second Life

Those who have followed my articles on SL Kids (adults role-playing kids in SL) know I am a great fan of all the kids. I first saw the talents they were sharing at the SL5B. I met some then and wondered why would they would want to be kids. That is when I began to talk to them and visited the sims of various kid places and wrote about them. I got it, I understand it.

I have a hard time with those who do not understand their desire to be kids in Second Life. Oh, I know it can be annoying sometimes to some to encounter one in an odd place and hear the cutesy stuff, but maybe if you play along you will understand. I would like you to hear from some of them their reasons for opting to be a kid. Maybe it will explain it to your mind and your heart. I have asked some kids to share their stories with you so that maybe you will get it too.

The paper will be printing them every day in People section beginning today. My thanks to Marianne McCann for helping with this project. (she has the best fireworks I have ever seen in SL and is a great kid!)

Read and learn about Marianne in People


  1. Thanks for asking for my help! Was fun!

  2. Thanks for running this series! I'm always happy to see coverage of the child avatar community and to read other SL kids' stories :)

    I hope you're going to be featuring a few boys like Loki Eliot as well! ;)

  3. Welcome Marianne & Nat ... and you'll see. The series goes on to Friday.