Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burn2 Preperations

The Burn2 Blog is posting the Volunteer application . For those interested you can fill out the application checking the job(s) you would like to do and submit it. There are many positions to be filled and you will have fun whether you have lots of time or just a few hours to dedicate. You can check some of the duties by clicking on various departments. The playa is alive during the Burn2 with activities going on all the time and magnificent builds to view.

To go to the volunteer application, go to http://www.burn2.org/volunteer-signup

Artists and creators this year, you can purchase a plot ahead of time for 8000L assuring you of a place for your build. The full explanation is there with directions. The information is on the blog at http://www.burn2.org/node/70

You can also enter a lottery for a 100L fee, which is all explained on the blog also at http://www.burn2.org/node/69 Read the page carefully! Good luck to all!

Gemma Cleanslate

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