Friday, May 27, 2011

Back Again

And back. I never expected a storm other than a hurricane to make such a mess.

The weather forecast that day was "Thunderstorms." What happened was 20 minutes of 60-70 mile an hour winds. Trees and power lines fell. Quarter-sized hailstones pelted some places. 170,000 lost power. One man was killed.

Ended up spending a couple nights without power. It finally came back at 5PM SL time yesterday. Just in time for an event (which I'll write later about). In the meantime, I had been planning to take the computer to the Apple place. Fortunetly the place did have power, so I was able to have the OS updated. The result for SL? Well, Viewer 2 *still* won't run. But one a friend kept telling me about, Singularity, does. So far it looks good, but I still have yet to take it to a crowded sim or a dogfight in New Fallout.

With a few days out of the picture, some things aren't going to get the look-over they would have, but at least I'm back in the news business.

Can it get any better? Yeah, around June 20th when I can be my usual foxy self for good. Fortunetly there's an event coming up, June 4 and 5, in which I can be my usual appearance then. ;-)

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I see you're settling into your "Deputy Sheriff of Color" avatar quite nicely. I do notice that some avatars have a viewer called "Friend". Is there such a viewer?

  2. I object to the return of the fox for june 4 and 5!!!!

  3. Hey there AngelBear. ... I chose that look for a few reasons. Among them, those who usually have on a furball look cause a few double takes when looking human. I happened to think of the scene from the Mel Brooks' movie "Blazing Saddles" when the new sherrif comes to town.

    And no, there's no viewer marked as "Friend." The singularity viewer marks out those on your friend list.

    And Vixie T, knock it off before you get such a tickling. ;-)