Monday, May 16, 2011

Bryn Oh's "Anna's Many Murders"

Anna was an enigma to me on my first visit, so I went back several times. Anna is a creation of the SL and RL artist, Bryn Oh, who imagines and dreams many, many things.

Her book about Anna will lead you through fields of grasses, to a dark house where you will begin a journey to see what Anna is all about. Bryn offers you a notecard to help you find the lighting that is most effective for the viewing along the way. Take the time to adjust the settings . It is worth it. The way is not an easy one so be careful as you open doors to pass to the next page, or whatever you may see. Look at everything or you may miss some things as I did on my first visit.

Bryn was greeting people as they arrived at the house. After I finished the trail I wondered how she got this idea . She told me that once on a subway all was silent in the car and as she looked around at all the people, each was either on a phone, a blackberry, or some such instrument. Then she saw them all with attachments to their human body.

“So this story is about people adding to their own body until they are no longer human in a way,” She told me, you will see Anna adding things to people, opening them up and adding a leaf or something she thinks of as nature.” But, as you will see, Anna is also losing something of herself, her mind.

This was a creation that Bryn made to rest from the emotional completion of the Rabbicorn stories. I found it to be not as relaxing as she did, but she said “I like blue humour.”

Visit and follow the story along to the watery end. I plan to visit one more time at least.

Bryn Oh (69, 209, 186).

Gemma Cleanslate

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