Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Second Life Home & Garden Expo

The 4th SL Home & Garden Expo is happening now at Home Expo 5 (119, 148, 21). The Expo opened on May 13 and continues until May 22. I stopped by for an hour or so and saw only a fraction of the event. It is huge, spanning 10 sims, and containing over 100 exhibits.

The landing spot was crowded when I arrived, and things were a bit slow to rez. However, as soon as I left the landing area, the lag disappeared. Every decor was represented here, from fantasy castles to realistic contemporary and period homes. I found a small western town, and a couple of barns to explore. There was even a windmill house.

One of the great things about the Home & Garden Expo is that some of the proceeds are supporting Relay for Life. Every exhibitor has made 2 new items, and the proceeds from these items are going to Relay for Life. The items are clearly marked with Relay for Life signs.

KittyCatS has created breedable kittens especially to support Relay for Life, too. You can buy one--or more--at the Expo.

The Expo has something for everyone. Gardens, houses, furniture—everything you could need or want can be found here. I found food for sale at the Kitchen Nibbles exhibit, and one of their Relay for Life items is a sandwich tray. So even if you can’t use a house or any furnishings, you can still have fun and support a great cause.

KONA radio is the official station of the Expo. In addition, there is DJ music and other entertainment, including some live performances. Builder’s Brewery is also having classes and competitions, too. The schedule can be found at

The Expo is open around the clock until 10 p.m SL on May 22. Home Expo 5 (119, 148, 21)

Grey Lupindo

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