Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sothern Colorado Turns Purple

On Monday May 9th, I got a message from Daaneth Kivioq to meet him in Southern Colorado. Getting there, I was met by him, micro Lomgren Smalls, and my bunnygirl neighbor Sabeen. Moments later, we were greeted by a blonde lady thr group called “Kitty “ for short.

As the sim rezzed, I noticed something was different. Daaneth then greeted me in voice, saying in honor of “Turn the Grid Purple” week, he had his Southern Colorado sim colored purple.

It was, strange, almost surreal, the colors at sunset and sunrise fairly striking. Daan and we talked for a little bit. Daan reminded us he was slowly getting beter, and looked forward to being at another event.

The sim will presumably return to normal after Friday the 13th.

To get to Southern Colorado: Click Here.

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