Saturday, May 21, 2011

RFL “Bid Me Human” Event Nets 29,000 Lindens

That was, unexpected. I never expected the event to bring in so much.

The “Bid Me Human” event in Southern Colorado took in much more than I expected. Passionate Redheads team captain Sabine McGettigan thought 5,000. I thought 10,000. It netted 29,000!! The initial goal of five thousand Lindens was reached within twenty-four minutes. Sabine herself called it one of the biggest events for the Redheads this season.

The consequence, since I had stated I’d be in a human av a day longer for every thousand raised, the result was no "foxy" look for almost a month.

Well, most of the time. From the start, I had stated I’d be back to fox at the club I do some occasional hosting at, as well as the combat RP I’ve joined up with. I also explained I’d have to return to my usual appearance for any interviews, plus the special event happening this June 4th and 5th. So while there will be the occasional short break, I’ll be having this look for a while.

And why an ethnic human look? Well, griefers usually hate it as much as furball appearance. So why let the trolls have any fun. ;-)

Already having to go through a few shaved jokes from my furred friends. I’m sure the next few weeks will be interesting to say the least.

Bixyl Shuftan.


  1. I love your look, Bixyl! Thank you for being our Love Child for the Relay!

  2. You did ask for "tall, dark, and handsome." You just didn't say what kind of "dark." ;-)