Friday, November 25, 2011

Benefit for Jaclyn

If you're a venue owner, manager or a musician, you know about Live Musicians & Singers Org. Founded by Veronica Weksler, it is 1027 members strong. Veronica has performed in bands and church choirs the majority of her life and in she's well known here.

On Saturday, Oct. 29, her daughter Jaclyn Gallardy (Artamisse Denzo, a singer/DJ and hostess on SL) was injured during the Ohio State University Football Game. The injury didn't occur on the football field, but it no doubt reached every student after it happened.

For many university students bonfires are a tradition, but they are extremely dangerous. In this case, someone poured gasoline on the bonfire as an accelerant and Jaclyn, who was standing close to it, caught on fire and suffered first and second degree burns. Her several layers of clothing protected her body. But by protecting her face, her hands were burned. She will be treated as an outpatient at OSU Medical Burn Trauma Center for the next few months.

In an effort to help defray her medical expenses, Veronica organized a benefit for her daughter on Second Life. The event was held on Saturday, Nov. 19th, from 5 AM to 12 AM at Hawkside Stadium.

When I arrived at Sanctuary Key's sim, Gina Gracemount was singing "Cry Me A River." The group cheered her on, familiar with her music and loving it. Many were contributing to Jaclyn's photo tip jar. In the audience were a number of Flash Dancers (Trace Huet and Infinitely Sweet Muircastle and I saw musician Pmann Sands, too. Ugh Yeu took the stage at 8 AM SL time, singing John Melenkamp’s "Hurts So Good."

Slated to perform were Veronica, Steveeolio, Gina Gracemount, Ugh Yeu, Denny Mac, Bones Writer, Kasper Robespear, OneSummer Oh, Kaycee & Wanna, Lightnin Lowtide, Ichie Kamachi, Leo Voorhees, NormReynolds Genisis, Premium Composer, Bo Hoyes, Rhuff Rhode, Ande Foggarty, Kris & The Bloody Pirates and Alex Mays.

Netera Landar

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  1. I'm glad you post these items so we know about them. I may have to find the sim and donate a few Lindens, if the tip jar is still up.