Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Linden Lab Responds to "Bring Back Last Name Options!" JIRA

For some time, there's been a JIRA aimed at amending Linden Labs' decision to change the way new accounts are created from first and last names to a name that on Viewer 1-based viewers appears to have the surname "Resident," with an option for a display name. The new system is disliked by many, and some see it as creating a division between newer and older denziens on the Grid.

Although there were stories of individual Lindens talking about this behind the scenes, there has been no official response, until now, when ProductTeam Linden finally made a post in the JIRA.

It's clear there is a lot of interest in SVC-7125. The intent was for users to specify their last name using the Display Names feature found inusers' profiles, which most Viewers now support. For those that haven't used Display Names yet, you can also set them on the web:

Know that we hear you and value your passion and that we are currently reviewing some of the decisions that were made with the username /Display Names implementation.

While a canned response that was quickly answered, "We know that was the idea, but it DOESN'T WORK for the things about which we're complaining ... ," this shows it's finally gotten through to the Lab that they, or rather the "Resident"s, have a problem. Hamlet Au predicted Linden Lab would soon give those under the new naming system the option for a surname. No doubt they're hoping for this or something close to it.

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Bixyl Shuftan.


  1. Yay \o.o/ I might actually get a last name.. maybe even a chance to change my first name in the process. Resident just seems to just single me out from the ones that have been on like forever. I want that same feeling you know. Like I fit in with Joe Snuffy or Janace Lovechild... Being a resident just is degrading really

  2. It's would be a very smart move for them to bring last names back, resident just sounds strange and makes you feel like a serious outcast when around others who actually have last names.