Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Show at Meena

I watched Trill Zapatero as she prepared for her runway show at Meena, her new store. Trill , a well known artist in Second Life is very involved in the peace movement with a special emphasis on RAWA. Some of you have visited her Afghanistan Museum in SL. BoHo HoBo presents Meena, a new shop and a runway show as part of Peacefest 2011. The fashion show will be at 1pm on November the 13th. The shop will appear immediately after the show.

The shop’s name "Meena" is in honour of Meena the founding member of RAWA, the revolutionary association of the women of Afghanistan which has been fighting for human rights, democracy and social justice in Afghanistan since 1971. All proceeds from the sales of both Meena, and BoHo HoBo go to RAWA in order to help fund schools, orphanages, clinics and income generating projects for Afghan people.

Trill says, “The style of clothes is 'Afghanistan Bohemian'. It is a hybrid of traditional Afghan styles and western styles of clothes.” Her clothes are great for the winter in SL. I have several outfits I have bought from her BoHo HoBo store and already spotted several items I am going to buy after the new shop opens.

There will also be a tour of the Afghanistan Museum on Saturday at 8pm slt. You can find all the events for the Peace Festival listed on this web page:

Trill's show will take place on Sunday at 3pm SL time at this location:

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