Thursday, November 10, 2011

Syzygy - A Cooperative Virtual Landscape Beckoning Adventure

Should you navigate the seven sim islands of Syzygy, you will be swept away by its creative expression. This virtual landscape was the brainchild of Samantha Glume and through a core group of founding members continues to prosper.

Syzygy's natural landscape and symbiotic structures were carefully considered and slowly created by a small group of founding members with the understanding that it would be a safe and fun haven for those seeking to explore its natural depths and heights. Within their comfortable abodes, the shareholders enjoy their unique perspectives. They are builders, scripters, artists and educators and this is their collective retreat.

"We are supportive, open-minded and fun-loving. We look for people who enjoy sharing this dream, so to speak, who wish to help shape and build this region," explains Elric Anatine, as he sits across from me garbed in dark Victorian. His interests lie in unusual Apothecary, while his darling partner, Lady Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, dabbles in botany.

We are sitting high on a mountainside, flanked by towering autumn trees in an unoccupied rental. The environment is extremely quiet and fairly lag free. "We are seven sims, and most people own multiple parcels," he stated. "We have three parcel types available and about 16 residents. A few are very private and don't involve themselves much in the community while others volunteer a tremendous amount of time to its upkeep."

Price range is $30US for the smaller share and $100 for the larger share. Discounts are available if multiple owned. Everyone may own a share. Although, they've decided to provide the same shares as rentals, but the shareholders or owners, those willing to pay, have more benefits as they are more likely to participate. The sim has very little turnover and 54% of the land is devoted to protected or common land. They allow residents to terraform, to shape the land how they wish, as long as they don't flatten down the mountains. They're big on mountains there. The sim is both furry and non-human friendly.

"We can supply homes that we have in our repertoire, but most people generally enjoy creating their own space," said Anatine. "Curiously, we do not all live in 'homes' here. Kulta Hannu, our landscaper and groundskeeper, has no home, but shrines and teahouses. Most people's land here is open to the public. Pyxis, which is home to a neko shrine, is very popular." The region provides many types of gardens, everything from lighthearted, dark and some truly entrancing notes Anatine.

The Community Centre is a meeting place and hub. The upstairs is reserved for gallery use for any of the residents. There's also game tables and 7 Seas fishing close by. Monthly events bring and games, bring residents together. Other areas of interest include a Waterway Lookout, Mountain Hangar with a ship rezzer, Samantha's Crashed Ship, Stargate, a hillside meditation area, a lighthouse, and Japanese Garden.

"Oh, and, we provide 900 prims every 6 weeks to anyone who wishes to create an artistic or other type of installation," mentioned Anatine. "This allows people to get creative outside their own space." What's been created has been a steampunk display, an international auto show, and a human-sized hamster run. The community is their haven and escape from stress and real life. They are here to enjoy, be silly or serious and whatever moves them.

Onward we go to the communication tower that is currently being worked on. Sam's latest project will have the dish turning and much to interact with inside. At the lighthouse there are guest-rezzing vehicles, such as a jetskis. Elsewhere, there are helicopters and space ships. One of the hidden gems is the ship hanger nestled inside a mountain. Look for the mountain goat. Check out the photo planetoid, which is a group of photo studios anyone can use. Anatine maintains hundreds of poses, great for bloggers or fashionistas. Then hop on the turbo lift to be transported to the remnants of a crashed ship, which is a newer exhibit and on to the Japanese and neko-inspired lands of groundskeeper, Kulta Hannu.

Syzygy is not to be missed if you’re looking for a quiet established community, which is both artistic and unique.

Netera Landar

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