Monday, November 28, 2011

Wendy’s Dream - Hummanoid

There is the most imaginative , beautiful art creation that you must not miss. If you recall I loved the part of The Path by Bryn oh that had to do with doors. This build, by Wendy Xeno is called Humanoid. It has many doors which you enter to explore after you have toured the landing area and have seen all the tiny islands. Set your windlight to the recommended setting as you arrive, by the way. It gives an aura of autumn to everything.

Qwark played a tune on the piano for me at one isle. We sat and relaxed by the fire on another, with the sounds of the Moonlight Serenade to lull us and I almost took a nap in the tent there. Sit on the “winged chairs” along the way. But, you must go back to the entry area and enter the doors one by one to see the elegant, ethereal and fun creations waiting for you. Each has its own ambiance.

Inside one of the doors you will find Cherry Mango’s circus display set in a field of flowers. You can interact there by riding on the carousel, walking the tight rope or soaring on the trapeze. All the other doors lead to diverse creations with a variety of themes for you to explore. I wondered about her dreams as I visited each one.

Wendy Xeno has given us a wonderful place to explore and savor, with the music and sounds surrounding you. I am late in finding this treasure but it is still there for you to enjoy.

Gemma Cleanslate

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