Saturday, November 5, 2011

Protestors at Linden Meeting

I was told about an open meeting with Andrew and Simon Linden, at 4 SL time. The sign there read that it was about "physics and simulator issues, no whining."

But what got the attention of the person whom sent the aynominous tip were the protestors, "Oh, Em, Gee, it's like Occupy Wall Street." While the person's claim of close to a hundred was inflated, shown here in the sim next door, it was still sizeable.

Besides the "No whining" statement, there were also comments the Lindens were only interested in talking to sim owners. This left some others feeling irritable, feeling you didn't need to own a sim to have valid concerns.

*Update* One of those attending wrote a little on the meeting Here.

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  1. That is me standing on the railing.

    This meeting was setup by a Tuesday meeting where Andrew said he would find out what the deal is on region crossings. He did. Friday's meeting is where he provide the information.

    The Lindens were interested in hearing from those that were having problems AND had specific information. They were less interested in those that had a problem with a boat someone else made sailing in someone else's region. They wanted first hand details. Also, for the Lindens this was the 2nd meeting on the topic. They HEARD there was a problem in the 1st meeting.

    The groups had spokes people too. I think they had hoped to avoid some of the confusion common in large SL meetings.

    Unlike the OWS'ers these people knew why they were there and could articulate their reasons. Plus they were orderly and generally constructive.