Monday, March 18, 2013

Eye on the Blog - "Advertising on Second Life Web Properties"

Lately there's been something new on the page, advertisements. Linden Labs has been tacking ad banners to the top and right margins. While one is a  banner for it's new "Versu" interactive fiction player, others have nothing to do with Linden Lab, such as websites to check for felony records. The Lab states they're "taking care" to make sure no banners from porn or similarly objectionable websites come up.

What might get the attention of Second Life users is that the Lab plans to add banners for Second LIfe goods from inworld sellers.

These ads are a great opportunity for advertisers to reach the large, global audience that visits the Second Life web properties every day, and we want to extend that opportunity to Second Life merchants as soon as we can. For Merchants, advertising on the Second Life web properties will be a new way to get their offerings in front of potential customers, while at the same time making the ads extremely relevant to every Second Life user who sees them. We have some work to do before we can make the ads purchasable by Second Life business owners, and it’s too soon to say precisely when we’ll be able to, but we wanted to let you all in on this plan early on.

Such a move would be a win-win situation for Linden Labs as not only do they have an additional source of revenue, but merchants using the ad space stand to gain as well from the advertising. And of course ads for SL content are probably going to be less pestering than bail bond services.

For the blog post, Click Here.

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