Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News and Commentary: Relay For Life – Fashion For Life

DrFran Babcock took a look at the first big event in the Relay For Life following the Kickoff, the Fashion For Life. DrFran found much to like and admire, such as the detail of the builds of the Seven Wonders of the World. Unfortunately, there was also much to dislike, notably that in this charity event not everything was being sold with the proceeds going to the Relay.

Read DrFran's editorial in Events.


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  2. SL name: Muertos Ashbourne
    I tried to comment on this article on the 13th of March originaly, but it was removed the next day. I do not have a Live Journal or other such account listed, but Bix knows who I am, so if anyone has an issue with this comment and feels it deserves to be removed, then contact him and he can contact me directly, please.

    I walked the sims of the FFL event for 2 days, and sadly Fran's artcile is dead on. I saw several locations that were empty, or had just 1 single vendor for the charity donation which seemed 'hidden' in the back of a store among a wall full of their regualr items.
    I also saw locations where the charity vendors were located high up on a wall where you couldn't even see them until you entered the store and then turned around again to exit. I wish I could say that such things were a rare thing, but it wasn't.
    Even as recently as 2 years ago the Fashion FOr Life event was something people took pride in the items they were selling, not the theme of the sims and patting the builders on the back. Were they excellent builds, yes. No doubt about that at all. However it seemed to me that the themes over-shadowed the over all spirit of the event and it became more about the buildings than the actual charity it was supposed to benefit.
    I used to love roaming the FFL event areas because you had a myriad of items to choose from, and you could get them at some amazing prices. Most of the items were event exclusives too, which made it so much fun to see what would be put out each year.You knew the money was going to a worthy cause, and it seemed like those selling things really tried to do their absolute best work for the event.
    This year I saw items that were in the charity vendors that were 1)not exclusives in any way 2) the same outfit often repeated in a store through 2 or 3 vendors, just in different colors. 3) they offered no discount at all for purchasing the charity item than for purchasing it through a 'normal' vendor of theirs.
    It seemed to me that the fashion industry was trying to milk every drop they could out of the event, and just happened to have a few vendors out that would donate the money to charity along the way. You used to find row upon row of nothing but the charity vendors, and no one worried about what grand building theme was going to be done. I for one, would love to see that kind of attitude return to the event in the future.