Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Press Release: Sixth Annual Relay Rockers "Bid Me Bald"

Its Back Again - For the SIXTH Year!

Bid Me Bald - The Relay Rockers Signature Fundraising event in support of the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Second Life, returns for a 6th year!   The event which pairs Relay Volunteers with a Barber Chair and a Pair of Scissors has been a mainstay event for the Rockers since 2007 and has been used by other teams across Relay For Life of Second Life.

In 2007 when Relay Rocker's co-founder Trader Whiplash was undergoing Chemotherapy for leukemia the Rockers offered to shave their heads in SL in support of him.  Instead the team decided to make it a fundraiser and to support and honor EVERY survivor who has borne the side effects of cancer treatments.  Volunteers make an appointment with the Rockers Barbershop and place a special kiosk out.  For each L$5000 raises they agree to go bald for 1 full day. Totals are rounded up and the average donation is about L$25,000. 

As always the first haircut of the season goes to Trader and he will be placing his kiosk out at Arinulta Beach this wednesday, March 20 and has an appointment for March 27th!

( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arinultra%20Cay/182/26/24 )

Please join the Rockers as we Celebrate survivorship and honor all survivors and participate in Bid Me Bald!
Bid Me Bald Dedication:

Bid Me Bald recognizes, with honor and respect,  those for whom the choice was made, not by themselves, but by Chemo and other cancer treatments. 

We have the choice and we choose to sacrifice our hair to honor these Survivors and to help the American Cancer Society find ways to fight cancer, support survivors and their caregivers and help us all celebrate more birthdays.

   Thank you!
   On Behalf of the Relay Rockers
   -  Nuala Maracas, Capt.
   -  Trader Whiplash, Capt
   -  Ariel Goldrozen, Co-Capt
   -  Arizona Ballinger, Co-Capt
For More Information or to become a Bid Me Bald participant contact
Melodie Jigsaw,  Bid Me Bald Coordinator

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