Thursday, December 11, 2014

Press Release: Entries Wanted For 2015 Poetry Contest at the Trodsdale Library

About This Event:
Yule, Christmas, Hearths Warming, New Year's, Hannukah... and many other Winter Time holidays that I can't think of at the moment... Snow, ice, Palm trees strewn with lights, barbequed meat out in the street for The Fires... These are all fair game for our next contest with the library!

Contest Type: Poetry!
Theme: Wintery things!
Submission point: Drop box in the Trotsdale Library (will be set out sometime tomorrow).
Deadline: Jan. 31st, 2015. Midnight. February 1 at 00:01 is a minute too late. Time will be in SLT (because Ame runs on Pacific.)
Multiple submissions?: Yes, but you can only win once.
Current Prize Pool: *1450L* (prize pool will be updated as donations arrive. Final prize amounts will get calculated based on the ending pool)

Your poems can be in any format. Tanka, haiku, rhyming, free verse... It's all welcome. They can be of any length. The only requirement is that they reflect the season of winter, and be suitable for G-rated audiences. Since winter is a bit different in other areas than my snowy mountain (or pitifully and heart rendingly un-snowy if you look at last year...) you can include a note under your poem about your area and what it's like weatherwise and/or culturally if you think it necessary.

We're not restricted to pony.

There will be three winning slots. I will be reading with an eye for originality, impact, and style within the style that you choose. All three winners will get their work featured in the playlist I've created for the library. In addition the starting prize for first place -was- 300L. Second and third place -would have gottten- 150L each. This prize HAS ALREADY INCREASED and can go up further if someone contacts me and tells me that they'd like to donate to the prize pool. Additionally, there is a pile of books on the table where you can tuck away your donations to the prize pool directly. My alt Kirsty (hanaarashi) is holding the funds and I am looking forward to seeing who gets to split the prize funds.

Prize goal is hoped for 2kL for first place and 1kL for second and third.

I am not restricting this to members of the library or forum. If you have a friend that you think would be interested in the contest then send them here, and show them where the library is.

The deadline posting is up on the manelands forum. January 31, 2015.
Question: "Ameee-channnn, why are you putting this out so early? It's not even Christmas yet you silly calendar jumping kirin, dragon, ibex, whatever else you rp." (I know someone's going to wonder.)
Answer: I'm in finals week starting tomorrow for one class, and when this contest ends I'll have survived finals class for the last class in this current degree program... Plus work. If I'm juggling balls and breaking dishes to grab writing time then I know others are too. I want you all to have plenty of time to write and submit.

Library, Trotsdale Heights (22, 156, 24)

Amehana Arashi (Amehana Ishtari)

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