Thursday, December 11, 2014

Netera's New Coffee Shop

It was about four years ago when I first came across Netera Landar and her Coffee Lounge, giving a chance for aspiring writers and musicians. When we last met up with her, she was busy with real life writing, publishing via Kindle as well as a real life newspaper column.

We recently heard she's been setting up a new Coffee Shop. "I'm starting my chats again," she told me when I dropped by. Of it's smaller size, "It's not the studio but will it will provide an intimate conversation. ... I'll be starting from scratch again, new location, rebuilding my group."

"I'm starting in January, Saturdays or Sundays, when the musician, artist, etc is available. ... This is a promotional vehicle for those I interview, best way to communicate with their followers." She says most of her events will probably be mid-afternoon, around 3PM SL time. She also expressed plans for a class aimed at beginning writers.

Snug Harbor (112, 110, 22)

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