Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas and Winter Holiday Village

Next on my’ love to visit for the winter season’ list, is the gorgeous Christmas and Winter Holiday Village. I was thrilled to see it since the owner had moved her prime business elsewhere after the holidays last year. The skating here is on an extensive pond and river area that winds around under bridges and through a crystal lined tunnel. The penguins stand on their island observing the skaters as they pass. On the main pond there are always people using the skate balls. There are several types of skates available for sale too. 

Lots of good parties take place there too. Santa and Mrs Santa appear at the parties however Santa has a lovely home spot where he sits and listens to the requests of visitors and promises them the world! It is lovely and has some of his elves and other helpers sitting taking notes. The shop here offers many choices for decor and clothing for the season. 

A sleigh ride is a must to see the lovely region.  The ride winds through the woods over the bridges and takes you right by the ski lift. Here you have a choice, take the lift high up into the ski area, or, you can tp there from that base point. When you arrive you have another  choice : take an air tour of the sim above and below on Santa’s flight feather , or put on skis and take off. I know you are going to love this sim.

Gemma Cleanslate

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