Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Ice Rock Festival 2014

One of the other wonderful regions I was hoping would be open for the winter  activities is the Winter Ice Rock Festival2014 @ Celebrities Hangout. I enjoyed this sim so much last year and could not wait to get to see it this year. The decor is lovely, all buildings and outdoor places are available to visit, hang out, relax , have some good food and drinks and loads of fun. For inside venues there is a lodge, and a restaurant where food is served, and a few other buildings where you can just sit and talk. 

The skating pond is quite long so you can do your flips and jumps and other tricks . If you don’t have a skate hud you will find nice skating balls , singles or couples for your use. Or you may want to rezz a sled to run across the ice or onto the snowy areas around the pond. A lovely sleigh is available for a guided tour. 

Even if you are not a skier be sure to hop on the sky train or  tram that goes up the hill and around the sim. At the top you can hop off for some skiing or sledding if you wish or just ride  back down. The view is marvelous. Stop over by Santa’s... where the reindeer are housed and in front are some kiosks with goodies to eat and drink. The region is the property of the Tribute Concert  group, the first tribute group in Second Life.  Enjoy!! 

Gemma Cleanslate

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