Monday, December 4, 2017

Press Release: The 2017 Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair Snowman Contest

Yes of course you want to join the the Snowman Contest, I knew that !
Now, you are now almost ready to go!

First step, pay a Vendor to claim a spot, entry fee is 350L$.

ATTENTION: unlike before, this year the vendors will not self-destruct.
Please make sure that you check the hover text above the vendor.

 Line 3 should read: This Vendor's sales: L$0

 That means this lot has not been taken. If the Line says: This Vendor's sales: L$350, someone has already picked that spot.

 But don't worry, just pick another one. Also, additional spots can be added.

After you paid the vendor, you can start building your snowman, or, if you already constructed it somewhere else, place it here.

The rules are simple:

- You must stay within a limit of 30 prims (or rather...  Land Impact), exceeding that limit will result in point deduction

- Your snowman must be ready by the 6th of December (means, it must be in your building spot, judging starts December 7)

- Transfer perms are NOT required. That means you can use anything within the 30 LI to make your snowman pretty and unique , you may however not use a prefab snowman for obvious reasons. Create a unique scenery by adding your personal touch.

The voting system:
Judges will vote in 3 categories and can give 15 points at a max.

But here is the clue... another 15 can be granted by popular vote. So make all your friends come and vote for your Snowman by donating to the kiosk right next to it. 

Points from jury and popular vote combined will decide the winner !

The Winner will be announced during the Holiday of Hope Ball on December 10th.


More Questions? Please ask Sidonie Carlberg or Rowena Dubrovna

Oxford Street (111, 249, 25)

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