Thursday, August 8, 2019

CDS Museum of Contemporary Art Celebrates New Exhibit

On Saturday August 3, there was a party at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. The event was to celebrate a new exhibit there. The event was from Noon to 2PM SL time. DJ Lyubov played the music.

The museum is at Neufreistadt (178/138/183), and was founded in 2006 with seven displays of art.

There were a number of conversations at the event, such as the cheese and wine available, and about how the Japanese see art and what's considered erotic to most there. Among the people there was the CDS Chancellor Kyoko. She told the group, "tomorrow I have an opening of my own work at InterstellART."

Thanks to a power outage, yours truly couldn't be at the opening of Kyoko's exhibit on Sunday, though I was able to drop by later. InterstellART is described as "dedicated to interstellar cyber art," and is maintained by self-described "cyber-artist" Asmita Duranjaya. Kyoko's art there can be found at Nice Atoll (123/220/1080) .

Bixyl Shuftan

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