Saturday, August 17, 2019

Announcement: Second Annual Rosehaven Regatta

Please join in the fun Saturday, August 18th
Noon slt -2pm slt

Realm of Rosehaven, Village of Laudanum

Dress code: Within the Rosehaven theme...fantasy, late Victorian, Steampunk, to Edwardian appreciated...or regatta appropriate apparel from other eras as long as not too revealing.

A proper Regatta from yesteryear with something for everyone!

Crew Racing, Tall Ships Racing, and Anything That Floats...but is NOT a Boat contest and race!

All along the boardwalk will be dancing and music, provided by Holocluck Henly, games, rides, foods, prizes...a great summer event!

See you there!

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The 2nd Annual Rosehaven Regatta is August 18th, 2019 from Noon (12pm) SLT – 2pm SLT.
Once again, we will be featuring the ANYTHING THAT FLOATS…BUT IS NOT A BOAT contest and water race!  Hope you all are excited!!

Get your thinking caps on and create something fantastical…that is NOT A BOAT, but it does float!  The purpose of this event is to showcase your ability to design and build a water craft/vessel to travel in the water.  You must also be able to ride your floating invention.

Please let Duchess Liz Wilner or Oriella Charik know if you wish to enter.  All entries must be received and approved by no later than 11am SLT, August 18th for announcing at the Regatta. Prizes will be awarded for the ‘Most Unique’ and the ‘Fastest Vessel’.

This is a timed race. Depending on the number of participants, crews and their crafts will be lined up at the start/finish line, proceed down the canal to a designated turning point, go around a marker buoy, and proceed up canal back to start/finish line. There will be an official at the turn around the buoy to verify all contestants properly negotiate the turn around.

Rules: You may NOT utilize a commercially designed or distributed watercraft. Powerboats, canoes, kayaks, rafts, skiffs or other commercially designed craft will NOT qualify. Your vessel must NOT be commercially designed or built to travel on water. You cannot disguise an actual boat or ship for your craft. The vessels must be powered by Avi or wind energy; no swimmers pulling, pushing or propelling your craft.  NO engines, motors, trolling motors will be accepted. Sails, paddles and oars are acceptable. The decision of the judges is final. You must pick up the pieces if the vessel disintegrates in water or on land.

Hint: last year, for instance, we had a cupcake that floated and steered!

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