Thursday, August 1, 2019

Linden Lab Under Lawsuit, Accused of Firing Woman For Raising Security Concerns

As Second Life residents get ready for the Tilia service as part of their online experience starting today, there's an unwelcome development for Linden Lab that's likely to raise concerns by some residents on how safe their data will be. Kavaya Pearlman, a former employee of Linden Lab whom worked on cybersecurity, announced yesterday over Twitter she was filing suit against Linden Lab.

The reason for the lawsuit, Pearlman stated, was retaliation for her "multiple concerns of potential violations (of) cybersecurity laws" during her time of employment. It was also alleged in her Twitter post that the Lab's treatment of her was due to her being "a minority, a woman, a Muslim woman and an immigrant in times where people that do not look like her are being told to 'go back to their country'.” She insisted that during her time of employment, neither Second Life of Sansar suffered any data breaches.

Pearlman's accusations that she was fired in part for her being female and an ethnic and religious minority go against the inclusive image Linden Lab has made for itself over time. In 2017, the Lab made a statement against an executive order by President Trump imposing restrictions on immigration from several countries that critics called a "Muslim ban." In it's newest tweet on it's Twitter page, the Lab stated, "We're proud to join HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and 200 major corporations to send a message that everyone deserves to be protected from discrimination."

Of Tilia, Linden Lab has insisted the service was created "With security and privacy as it's primary considerations."

Hat tip: New World Notes, Modem World

Bixyl Shuftan

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