Monday, August 19, 2019

SL: Second Look

"SL: Second Look" is a unique event for sculptors and 3D artists. Artists will have a 31 days period of time, from Midnight of 14 August to 23:59:59 on 14 September (all times SLT). Artists may rez up to 100 Land Impact worth of parts, components, bits, etc. in a moderately-sized area.

What's the catch?

Aside from working in Blender, PhotoShop, GiMP or other programs, all of the building of the sculpture must be done inside the artist’s area.

And it is open for the public to watch them work, chat with artists, critique and ask questions, etc.! This is designed to be a fully-interactive (in terms of communication) race against the clock to come up with a wholly-original three-dimensional piece of art. Artists are encouraged to leave parts and components and bits out overnight, over several nights, over the four weeks.

What matters is the interactive aspects.

That's why it is SL: Second Look -- people can look at and observe and interact with the process of creating art, and then get a second look at the finished (or mostly finished) work!

Who are the artists involved in SL: Second Look?

"SL: Second Look" is a fully-interactive and unique event for you to watch, chat with, critique, ask qquestions and even (within reason) pester four sculptors and 3D artists:

1. Rage Darkstone
2. Proton d-oo-b
3. Isabelle Fisher
4. Marcel Mosswood
as they create a brand-new 3D work.

Any question? Contact Annie Scott-Siegel or Nils Urqhart.

By Marcel Mosswood

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