Thursday, August 29, 2019

Press Release: The Ian's Realm Saga Audiobook

Amehana Ishtari (Teresa Garcia) Second Life Fantasy Author and Trotsdale Library Narrator has Narration on

Somewhere around two years ago Amehana Ishtari (Arashi) AKA in real-life Teresa Garcia began narrating and recording "The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy: Book 1" for fantasy author, artist, & screen writer D.L. Gardner. Books One through Three released on August 27 2019 on Gumroad for direct purchase and download. They had been available for pre-order and released shortly after each audiobook sub-project was ready and approved. Once all three parts were finished and ready they there then ported to other retailers via FindAWay Voices by D.L. Gardner herself.

The pair, both female fantasy authors and artists, met via Facebook through author circles. Amehana does not remember exactly how nor which of the various groups. Teresa noticed that Mrs. Gardner needed a narrator and offered her services, as at the time fellow narrator and Trotsdale Librarian Illya Leonov was too busy to mention the project to... and she needed the work herself to help support her family.

The trilogy book follows the story of Ian Wilson, a teenager who becomes sucked into a world of magic and danger with his father through a portal within their computer. The tale blends science fiction and fantasy genres seamlessly. Prophecy has foretold the pair arriving through a window to forever rid The Realm of the evil dragon and its sorcery. The overall tale continues beyond the first three books to cover various side stories that together will tell the full fate of a land and a lad.

The Ian's Realm Saga is the winner of the Book Excellence Award for a series 2019. The book has also been turned into a proof of concept short film with FireRing Productions that has been circulating various film festivals around the world and won several awards and nominations. The intent is to have the book series become a movie.

Mrs. Gardner will continue working on the Ian's Realm books and prospective movie. Amehana (Teresa) plans to continue with the Trotsdale Library as well as return to working on the second book of her "Selkies' Skins" and the "Mythical Minstrelsy" series (and other books) along with running her Flash Fiction Fridays podcast and any illustration or narration that comes to her via her publishing company or freelancing channels.

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