Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs and Furry Fashion Lounge

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver, the Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.
Club Cutlass: Best in 'U' and 'V,' Down South, Blue and Purple

Happy Vixen: Rainbow Colors, Leather and Lace, TBA, Raccoons Panda and Wah, Magic vs Tech, Red and Yellow, Foxes and Dragons, Intimate Wear, TBA

Club Zero Gravity: TBA

Xanadu : Glow in the Dark, Sadie Hawkins, Best in White
Montecito Bay: TBA, After Dark

Furry Fashion Lounge: Halloween, Hybrids, Pirates VS Ninjas, Barely There, Monochrome, Late Night, Cute

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

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