Thursday, August 27, 2020

"The Shelter" Closing After 16 Years

Some sad news for longtime residents. It was announced that the longtime newcomer hangout "The Shelter" was closing. The place has been up since August 1, 2004. The news was posted in the Second Life forums.

While there was reportedly a group announcement, apparently it's now closed to new entries, so as of now, what the announcement was word by word is unknown. Word has it the location will be preserved by Linden Lab. But it's days as an active newcomer hangout to receive help from any volunteer staff around are over. The last event is a formal dance Sunday August 30 at 7PM.

Xymbers Slade would write about the Shelter in 2011.  The place is at Isabel (25/207/59), though due to glitches teleports may occasionally not go through. So one may need to manually teleport to a nearby location and walk over. The main area of the brick building hasn't changed a great deal over the years, with a dance floor in one corner and a sitting area in the other. There are a few places one can pick up a copy of the rules, which are basically to behave oneself, and get a few helpful hints. There are a few free items, notably a car in the corner. At this time, social events had been scheduled every day of the week. Outside the main area is a mall area with a number of small stores.

There are a few tunnels and rampways. One ramp led to the top of the building, which had a memorial garden area for a few residents whom had passed away. One winding tunnel went to an outdoor area with a balloon rezzer four tours. There were a few empty side rooms. Curiously, one place next to the Shelter was a banned parcel.

While there are other newcomer areas and groups, notably Caledon Oxbridge University, The Shelter was perhaps the best known. While the reasons for it's closing can only be speculated on, that it will not be around is a sad event.

"Thank you for 16 years of memories and fun."

Hat Tip: Sandy Loxingly

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I remember writing that. Heh. Sad to see it go.

  2. Sad to see it go. I directed several newbies to that place over the years to help them get their feet under them.

  3. There now place for new residents at helping haven place on sl. It was used to be Help People Island.

  4. I started there 16 years ago.
    Here, sorry for the long post:

    Shelter Closure

    As I'm sure you will have heard by now The Shelter will be closing it's doors as of Sunday 30th August 2020 8 PM SLT,

    The reasons for this are numerous and too lengthy for this note, but it is not all bad news as The Shelter building will be Archived by the Lindens and will remain in world for as long as SecondLife is around

    I know a great many of you have considered The Shelter home and I am sorry to all of you, I hope you will continue to enjoy you SecondLife's

    The main Shelter Group will remain in place but no new members will be admitted the Infra group will be closed down and all members removed

    The final Events will be:

    Saturday 29th 1 PM Theme Dance
    7 PM Pool Party

    Sunday 30th 1 PM Voice Sunday
    7 PM Formal Dance

    The theme Dances will both have Double Prize Money for their final outing and Wacoede will be DJ'ing the final Pool Party as he was the first DJ for the pool Party

    To all the Vendors of the Shelter you have until the 30th to come pick up your items or they will be returned as a coalesced object

    To all the Tier Donors feel free to remove your tier contributions but as I said above all members will be removed from the infra group on the 30th


    Shelter Leadership

    Wacoede Unplugged
    Shadow Pidgeon