Thursday, September 3, 2020

Abnor Mole's Hidden Cave

Taking a peek at Daniel Voyager's Blog, He mentioned a hidden Mole cave on the south coast of Eastern Bellissaria. So I went over to take a look myself. In the Rigamarole sim, there's a dock where boats can be rezzed near a waterfall at the coast, the water coming from a rocky stream leading from a pond. In some stories, some interesting things can be found behind waterfalls. And here there was something interesting as well.

Walking through the waterfall, behind it is a cavern. And in the middle of the cavern is a trailer, one owned by Abnor Mole. Going inside, there were crates of supplies, including an open one full of crystals. There were also some pictures on the wall, including an "anti mind-control device."

Then there was the computer desk. There were three screens. The left one was actively playing a list of Youtube videos, which could be heard if the media button was playing. The middle screen was a forwarded Tweet of a picture of Magellan Linden. The right screen had, pornographic material. The state of the desk area around the keyboard was a bit sloppy. There were a few bottles of booze, including "Magellan's Irish Cream," and a stack of beer cans. There was also a cigar in an ash tray, and a book, "The Ultimate Guide to Tinfoil" by Magellan Linden.

So it seems Magellan Linden has been hiding out in Abnor Mole's trailer. Hopefully his searches for frisky material, presumably after all that booze, didn't get the computer any malware.

The cave can be found near:

Addition: It turns out the screens with Youtube and the adult website had been set up by an unknown resident due to an oversight when the computer was set up.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. The monitor props in Magellan's cave were scripted as media enabled and some resident decided to play a joke changing the url. I don't normally have media enabled in my viewer. They've since been replaced with non-functioning ones. Thank you to everyone else for messaging me and letting me know.


  2. Will have to check this out! :)