Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Jousting And Archery At The Renaissance Fair

Quite a lot has been happening at the Renaissance Fair, with plenty of items to buy with the cash going to charity to music events. But with the theme, there were also combat events. There's been a number of jousting matches, including one I observed on Monday September 28. Lances hit home, and riders ended up knocked off their horses.

That particular joust was won by Michael von Shady (MickeyJoe1 Resident). Second was Alsedel Llewellyn. Third was Skysong (sgudeman Resident). Fourth was Kali (KALIvRAHU Resident)

MickeyJoe1 Resident WINS THE TOURNAMENT! with Alsedel Llewellyn placing a very honorable SECOND! sgudeman Resident has taken THIRD! with KALIvRAHU Resident coming in at a respectable FOURTH!

Later that afternoon was an archery tournament. This wasn't just shooting at a still target. When hit, the target would vanish and pop up somewhere else on the back wall.

First place went to Skyler Amira Constatine (SkylerAmira Resident). Second was Bo (cbrochey Resident). Third place went to Ty (Tyger) Eros Amara (torymchenry Resident). Forth was Ariell Fallen (AriellFallen Resident).

Check the event schedule for more jousting and archery, as well as melee combat matches. And keep an eye out for events with the Lindens and moles.

Bixyl Shuftan

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