Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Vampiolence" At The Trotsdale Library

The Trotsdale Library is doing weekly readings of a MLP-inspired story, "Vampiolence." The first session was Thursday Sept 24, at 6 PM. This isn't some cute and innocent tale, but one with a darker streak. 

Tonight in the Trotsdale Library, Every Thursday .... 6 PM Tonight Morgan/Illya intends to start streaming "Vampiolence" with an expectation of two chapters per session and going out until the end for Halloween.

Illya's story stream url:

Scribbler (find her on Youtube) is both the author and producer of this MLP Halloween month appropriate tale and part of the voice cast. Morgan Freepony (Illya Leonov) is the narrator.

[17:01] Morgan Freepony (illya.leonov): I began recording this one shortly before I went into hospital for my cancer surgery.

Story start is September 24 at 6 PM PDT/SLT. For those that fall behind check Scribbler's Youtube channel to catch up.

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