Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Press Release: August 2020 HFOT Donations

Happy Labor day folks …. and this is a very happy one because I am announcing that we sent Homes For Our Troops $1500 in the month of August, 2020.  This now brings our total to $9400 for 2020.  We keep this up and we will will beat 2019’s $14000 total!  And this is the result of a lot of “labor” by some kind folks in Second Life.

First up are those great performers who donate their time and talent.  Thank you:

Waya Snowpaw DJ
Wolfie Moonshadow
Chillee Hernandoz
Hogan Baily
Savannah Coronet

And then there are those that made  special efforts to boost August.  Thank you:

EastbayRay, Cattleya Lovette LadySmack Gears and the Legion of Vets MC
JulesA Flow, Salonios Koolhoven and DOOWOPS FOREVER at Gigli  Isles
Cayleen Linette and everyone at Cay's at Woodland Lake
Fire Bonfire and everyone at Boots and Lace Country Rock Club
All the folks at Southern Fried Country Club

We also would like to thank those who give steady support every month with their on-going effort.  Thank you:

Altarraum and Sanctuary of Rock
Bixyl Shuftan and  Purrfection  estates
Clay Darkwatch and all the folks at Midnight Renegade Country
All the folks at Clubmojo
Hayanah and Tor-Tu-Gor Caravan
Ashley Steele and all the folks at Saddles Live Music Venue & Retreat
Tammaryon Galicia and all the folks at Dandy’s place

There are many others who have shown their support with taking on the task of placing HFOT donation kiosks throughout the grid.  Thank you!

And lastly we have to give thanks to Bri Mcmahon and Gjackie Winkler for their dedication and help at our monthly event at Veteran's Isle.

Lastly, folks please say some prayers for our good friend Dahlea Milena who is now fighting cancer.  Dahlea is a kind soul and she has been a part of our efforts for extremely wounded veterans from the very first day we started.  We pray she beats this and is back with us soon.

Thank you all once again for your support.  It is an honor!

Frets Nirvana

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