Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Governance User Group Meetings Have Ended

For some time, Linden Lab held monthly Governance User Group meetings, with Tommy and Kristin Linden as their representatives. There, residents could discuss "issues involving Governance such as in-world abuse, Abuse Reports, Forum Reports, Marketplace Reports, etc." But they are no longer happening. In a forum thread, it was asked if they were removed from Public User Group Meetings, and Tommy Linden confirmed it.

At this time there is no scheduled user groups for Governance, the majority of questions asked at the user group meetings are questions that we are just not going to be able to answer. Such as information regarding action taken, DMCA, or other Resident specific information that we will not discuss due to privacy policy, or it being outside the scope of the Governance team.

However myself, and others will always remain available to answer questions in how to file Abuse Reports, and you don't have to wait for a meeting to do that, you can message me your question and the next time I log in, I will always respond. If you wish to bring a specific incident of abuse to our attention however, as always the answer will be to file an Abuse Report.

He would later say, "Yes, at this time the user group has ended. I am exploring other options to better share useful information with all of you."

A few residents expressed their displeasure, "I'm sorry to see this.  These groups were an ideal forum for people to bring up ideas, and to get an idea of how many people were experiencing the same issues." "I went to Governance every few months, for the same reason I'd go to a city council meeting once a year or so. It's good to keep an eye on the people who think they're in charge. ... Governance was boring. That meant things were working." Someone summed it up, "... it sounds like the Users seen it as possibly usefull, but LL doesn't. And just again a step backwards in direct LL - User contacts."

Blogger Daniel Voyager would be among those who felt the meetings should have continued, "It’s a shame they are no longer happening."

To read the forum thread, Click Here.

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

Bixyl Shuftan

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