Friday, September 3, 2021

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "Ingenuity: First Aircraft on Mars!" And "Flight"

"Ingenuity: First Aircraft on Mars!"

Saturday September 4

10 AM to 11 AM SL time 

We were not even sure it would work, but Ingenuity, the first helicopter on Mars, indeed the first manoeuvrable aircraft to operate outside the Earth’s atmosphere, has been a stunning success!

First we will examine the conditions and mechanics of flight and what makes Ingenuity’s performance a “Wright Brothers” moment.

Then we will follow Ingenuity’s progress from the drawing board through the dozen or more flights it has taken so far, with a look at how it can operate when its ‘pilot’ is 100s of millions of miles away, plus a peak at possible missions it might undertake in its future.

Finally, we will explore where and how other craft might operate in our solar system now that this technological breakthrough has been achieved.

— Dr. Phil Youngblood founded the CIS/Cyber Security degree programs at the University of the Incarnate Word, following retirement from naval aviation and research at NASA.

In the Auditorium

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Saturday September 4

9PM to 10PM SL time

Welcome aboard Science Circle flight 409, covering the scientific principles and technologies that enable and enhance air transport. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts before we discuss the fundamentals, from aerodynamics to aircraft stability. Take a few minutes to locate and understand the mechanisms of aircraft engines, whose designs have evolved for fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

As we experience astounding innovations in areas like material science, descriptions of the benefits to the environment and your comfort in the cabin will be deployed. Thank you for choosing the Science Circle. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Flight!

A presentation by Karthik P., Graduate Student

In the Auditorium

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