Thursday, November 4, 2021

Announcement: Toys for Tots Donation Rally


KickAzz Shoutcast is committed to giving this holiday season! Our 12th year doing the Toys For Tots Drive. Starting November 1st, 2021 we will launch our Toys for Tots drive in hopes of raising as much money as possible for underprivileged children. We at Kickazz Shoutcast Stream Rental will match ALL donations up to a total of $1,000.00 US. 100% of EVERY LINDEN COLLECTED will be given to Toys For Tots. (

We ask that our friends, coworkers, and fellow business owners here in Second Life to rally together and lend a helping hand by placing KIOSKS at your venues, (clubs, live music events, stores etc.)

If you are interested in receiving a KIOSK for your venue please contact Jayson Marjeta. Simply Drop A Notecard to Jayson requesting a Donation Box. KIOSKS ARE COPY TRANSFER, NO MOD  !

THE TOP TWO (2) INDIVIDUALS THAT THEIR KIOSKS COLLECT THE MOST LINDENS, WIN A 300 LISTENER STREAM FOR ONE (1) YEAR. If you have multiple Kiosks set out, your total is the sum of all.

You may set out as many Donation Boxes you wish, your accumulative total will be added for your total. Keep in mind, if you give out a KIOSK to someone, and they set it out, their collection account may be added to your total. You must give us their name when you pass them the kiosk, not at the end of the collection drive.

Please pick up your donation boxes on December 24 by 6PM SL time. 

At the end of the Donation Drive, the total amount collected will be given to each kiosk
owner along with the total sum of all lindens collected by all. Please allow a few days for
these numbers to be tallied up and passed out.

If you have any questions, contact Jayson Marjeta.

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