Friday, November 12, 2021

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "Virtual Teaching Tactics to Help a Divided World", "Immunotherapy"


"Virtual Teaching Tactics to Help a Divided World"

Saturday November 13, 

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM SL time

Educators can be Covid-challenged to keep students and funds flowing, while promoting healthy and enriching academic options. Virtual World learning may provide immersive hands-on experience for engaging students and offering a sense of place and belonging, so important to student success and retention in online education. This presentation covers: evolution of virtual world learning, academic necessities for learning alternatives, socio-economic drivers and gains, fulfilling student desires for immersive experience, benefits of experiential learning, providing dimensional sense of space, sample in-world learning centers, forming partnerships between academia and emerging technology, effective gamification of learning, bridging the digital divide, and self-guided field trips to Virtual World campuses.


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"Immunotherapy: Harnessing the Weapon Within"

Saturday November 13,

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM SL time

In 1890, a bone surgeon by the name of William B. Coley was profoundly moved by the loss of a 17-year old patient (Bessie Dashiell) to bone cancer and endeavored to find an effective treatment for the disease. Amidst reviewing hospital records, Coley learned of a patient with a similar disease who recovered after (dramatic pause…) coming down with an infection.

“Say what now?”

Yes… Coley (after verifying that wasn’t a singular case) went on to treat malignant tumors with injections that induced infections. While he was successful in some cases, an explanation for the positive outcomes wasn’t available at the time. Today, we understand that components of the toxins Coley used tuned his patients’ immune systems, stimulating responses that lead to tumor regression. The understanding of our innate defense system’s potential in fighting cancer has instigated the development of a marvelous form of treatment – immunotherapy.

In this presentation I aim to introduce the principles that underlie immunotherapy, discuss various forms of the treatment like immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) and dendritic cell vaccines, and explain the challenges involved in harnessing our immune systems in the war against cancer.


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