Thursday, November 4, 2021

News In Brief

There's a lot going on, and only a little time to write about it. So here's some news in brief that we will try to describe in more detail later.

The Veterans Tribute is back in Second Life. To check it out, head to Rainbow Dream (128/128/21).

The Film Threat Theater has a new movie, made by a small independent studio, being reviewed: "Corona Zombies," and they plan to review a new one every month.

In the official blog, Linden Lab has the "Spotlight" on noted artist Bryn Oh.

There's a couple new places for gaming in Second Life. One is in Bellisseria at Zwischen (79/228/33). The other is at Montecito Bay, their new Arcade at Montecito Bay (118/223/22).

In the Web User Group on November 3, Inara Pey wrote that the Lab says they haven't given up on making a mobile app, and is aware that many residents were disappointed at the news of development being halted. But the pause will likely last for "a number of weeks." There was also some talk about the Zenescope NFT Sweepstakes, there should be a new batch of last names around Christmas, and some Marketplace store owners are reporting drops in income of 30 to 50 percent.

There's more going on about Facebook changing its name to Meta, such as a computer company already having the name, and the owner asking for $20 million for it (IGN article). Neal Stephenson, the author of the the novel Snow Crash that coined the term "Metaverse," had a few things to say about Facebook's move (Axios article), as did Grumpy Linden in an interview with a French magazine (Modem World article).

More on these subjects, and more, when we have time. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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