Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Second Life Spotlight


Linden Lab is putting the "spotlight" on residents that have stood out for making a well-designed builds, constructing a fantastic-looking sim, being a driving force behind a dynamic community, a tireless fundraiser whom has raised plenty of money over time for a good cause, an educator whom has given many classes and/or lectures, or some other noteworthy accomplishment.

In honor of the boundless creativity exhibited by Residents over the years, we would like to announce Second Life Spotlight. This weekly post will feature a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world.

Whether you have built a cyberpunk metropolis or a serene English garden, we’d love to know your story. Our Flickr is bursting with the work of virtual photography pros, and the live music scene hasn’t missed a beat over the years. Machinima, salsa dancing, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of and want to share, this is your moment. This isn’t limited to creators. Second Life is home to educators, activists, and community leaders for the underrepresented. If you have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up!

To sign up for the spotlight, go to the Google doc page (here), and type your name and email adress, and describe a little about yourself and what you do in Second Life, as well as providing a link to a website or social media page where more can be learned about you.

The Lab has already started their Spotlight, several days ago putting it on Second Life artist Bryn Oh.

Today we are shining a spotlight on Bryn Oh. Many Residents are familiar with her work, as she is one of the most talented virtual artists of our time and has spent more than a decade creating art in the virtual world of Second Life.

 (click here if the video does not play)

One small problem, the page to nominate someone for the Spotlight is made to nominate yourself and no one else. And there are plenty of people whom deserve the spotlight such as Kiana Banana (originally Kiana Writer) of Madpea for her games over the years, content creator Sugar Paw aka Casio Microline (Casio2000), Homes For Our Troops Fundraiser Frets Nirvana, Newser reporter Gemma Cleanslate who's been reporting the news across Second Life for well over a decade, and numerous Relayers such as Stingray Raymaker, Trader Whiplash,  and Matt Carlton.

Perhaps there will be a change as time goes on. For now, Linden Lab says there will be a new person in the spotlight every week.

Bixyl Shuftan

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